Can SEO Company’s Truly Guarantee a Top Search Engine Ranking?

Now this is a legitimate concern. Can Search Engine Optimization services truly guarantee a first page Google position? Perhaps you are someone who would pay for an SEO services since it is “Market Trend” and then after that make a complaint whenever Google or other search engines neglect to list all of your websites pages within their index? Do you really know what the search engines are and ways in which it functions? Do you know what specific search terms or perhaps a keyword is, or even why search engines like Google rely on them to properly index and list your webpage’s within their index?

If you don’t then do not feel left out. You are among the ninety-nine percent of people using the internet that do not understand what we are currently writing about. And you probably expect to find your website to be listed in Google’s search engine. Do you? If you do then take some time to think again because Google does not just place websites in their top index for nothing. If you are confused on what I am talking about then you can try using Google’s search engine by typing in a search term and take a look at the results you receive.

A fact that may shock many people is that most people that try internet marketing or making money on the internet do fail at some point. The current number is less than 1 in 100 people generate more money than they spend trying to make money on the internet. One of the best ways to dominate and succeed in making money on the internet is to learn from an expert or someone that has done it for themselves. This may sound a little weird but you know as well as I do that there is not much time for someone to learn though experience. We are looking for quick, easy, and effective ways to make money with using the internet.

Having an open mind when trying to succeed on the internet is a very good thing to have. There are some people that say the internet is a gold mine, these are the people that try to persuade you by saying it is and then end up just robbing you of your cash. There are many secrets to having online success but a main factor is taking advantage of free advertising. Now don’t go saying that is not true! Nothing is Free! Most would be right saying this, with this in mind you might be asking, “then what is it?” Well there are cheap advertising methods that you can pay for to find out how to get these methods.
This method is called search engine optimization which can position or rank you for keywords or phrases that you choose. Having your website on the top positions within the first page of Google search results can mean that you are getting as much or more exposure as the business that are using Google Adwords advertisements and paying a large amount of money. You will usually see these types of advertisements on the top and right hand sides on the search result page. Instead, your website will be shown on the left hand side of the page in which SEO experts call this the organic search results. Guess where the number one spot searchers utilize to look for information? The Left hand side of the page! This observation has been proved by many research companies.
Now in order to get on the top left side of the search result page your website is going to have to be visited by Google and what Google will do is then use their robots to crawl over your website and then place you accordingly in their search engine. This only happens if the search engine spider crawls over your site. This is the first challenge that comes into play when trying to optimize your website.

The second challenge that most find very daunting is getting top rankings for your site in the search engines index. In order to get your site to the top of the search engine listings then you must first understand how the search engines work. Not knowing how the search engines work will provide very little chance that your website will get listed without hiring a SEO firm to do the work for you. Learning how to SEO and rank your website by yourself will not cost you anything. There is no SEO company out there that can guarantee you a first page number one listing in the search engine, unless you find a search term that is getting searched by no one at all. There are some SEO company’s out there that will try and rank you for keywords that you choose but remember to check the level of traffic you might be receiving for that keyword before you try and optimize for it. You do not want to waste valuable time and money.

If you hear a SEO company saying that they can guarantee you a top listing then you just might have to watch out for them. Most likely they are going to rank you for long-tail keywords or phrases that are not being searched by more than 10-15 people per month. These companies’s can improve your listing in some ways but not provide, as many may say a Top 10 Google listing. So be sure to look out for this so you will not be guided in a wrong direction. Basically there are a few things that you can do yourself to get your website listed in the search engines which are knowing how the search engines work and what methods that are currently in favor of, use what you have learned to then have the search engines visit your website, dedicate each of your pages to a specific keyword phrase or term so the search engines can properly list them in their index.

A very important method when optimizing your websites pages is to be sure to have one main keyword that you are going to target for each page, this will increase your keyword density and show Google that you are wanting to get indexed for this specific keyword phrase. Be sure to make sure that this keyword is one that is getting search by the search engines and carries some value. With this in mind it is also equally as important to have well written content that closely relates to the keyword phrase you have chosen to optimize for. The next step is to utilize other search engine optimization strategies to make sure that the search engines are going to crawl over your page and recognize the content. Do this on a large scale so you can be sure to have multiple sources of information leading back to your website. This will not only increase your online presence but also provide you with an authority website which Google will place higher in the search engine rankings.

Many SEO companies have a variety of different tactics to achieve this but you will not come across these methods by accident. You will have to do a lot of research and dedicated time to learn them, unless you hire an SEO company that can do it for you. Search engines are constantly changing the way they index websites so what you do for your website this month might not be what you can do for the next month. Search engine optimization is a complex and ongoing process and mastering the techniques and strategies can make you one of the few that actually make money from the internet.
So in conclusion can an SEO company truly guarantee a top first page ranking in the search engines? I think not!

Jay Gentile


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